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Cecilia Arpa – When Fashion meets Math

Once upon a time there was Math, a distinguished, rigid and severe lady, known as the mother of students’ nightmares from childhood to university. After revealing her secrets to philosophers and scholars, one day she met Mr. Escher, who made her the most funny woman of the world, providing a new look through upsetting optical illusions.
Subsequently, she caught the attention of many artists, until when, intrigued by social media and fashion world, she decided to renew her wardrobe to get in touch with fashion victims. She sought help from famous couturier who proposed minimalist outfits inspired by modern and contemporary art, until one day she met Mrs. Cecilia Arpa, who literally won her hearth, becoming her official fashion designer.
But who is Cecilia Arpa?

Cecilia Arpa

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Do fashion shows make sense anymore?

Recently COUNCIL OF FASHION DESIGNERS OF AMERICA launched some upsetting proposals for the fashion system, and European fashion coucils tried to respond, even if they didn’t know how to.

The hot topic concerns twice-yearly fashion shows and their impossibility of immediate purchase for those who want to buy everything just after the final catwalk. So the question is: Do fashion weeks make sense anymore?

Pitti Uomo 89 - African Generations

Pitti Uomo 89 – African Generations – Ph:

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Why I Love Pitti Italics (And You Should, Too!)

Never like before Pitti Uomo turned out to be a real hotbed of emerging talents thanks to the scouting initiatives as Pitti Italics, The Latest Fashion Buzz and the famous contest in Who is on Next?UOMO in collaboration with L’Uomo Vogue. Then, in addition to these projects, there are the emerging designers who showcase their lines inside the Fortezza, thanks to which Pitti Uomo is confirmed to be THE ONLY event to record the global trends in men’s fashion.

Pitti Italics - Louis Leeman SS 2016
The new brands involved in Pitti Uomo are so many that there is plenty of choice, but certainly most of the spotlights right now are focused on the protagonists of Pitti Italics, the program through which the Pitti Discovery Foundation supports the new generation of fashion designers that design and produce in Italy, with a promising international projection. Read More

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