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Shopping tips for men: Esprit

Spring has come and finally we can get rid of dark coats and heavy sweaters, showing our most colorful shirts under lightweight cardigans or unlined jackets, but as every year we have a “seasonal problem” (especially the men who love prints and patterns, like me): in the shops there are always the same things with already seen patterns and fantasies!

So, here it is some practical shopping advice to improve our summer wardrobe thanks to Esprit.

ESPRIT SS2015 - Patterns for Summer, Stripes vs floral

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Japanese mood, scarves, prints, polka dots, sweaters and stripes are just a little part of Nō ARTIGIANI ITALIANI, the commercial brand that is seducing the press and the market thanks to its special kind of knitwear for men.

Intrigued by the rapid growth of the brand I interviewed Claudia Cennamo, one of the CEOs together with Mirko Buffini, and I discovered that behind Nō ARTIGIANI ITALIANI there is a whole universe born from the passion and the dream of two persons who strongly believe in the  Made in Italy values and who have bet on a different way of conceiving fashion companies in Italy.

Here it is the interview!


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