Fashion Culture

Since the very beginning the main feature of The Fashion Commentator blog was to share information, news and opinions about fashion, always finding analogies with the disciplines of my cultural background as an architect.

Year after year this vision with continuous references to the arts has become increasingly important, so the blog has been enriched with columns and insights appreciated by designers, academics, press offices, journalists and colleagues.

In this section you can find all the meanings I give to the expression “Fashion Culture“:

– In WHEN FASHION MEETS ART I like to explain fashion through art with montages and texts that reveal the inspirations of the fashion designers according to my sensibility;

– In FASHION HISTORY and FASHION PEOPLE I like to retrace the milestones of the costume history telling the origins of the major brands, analyzing the stylistic evolution of a specific creative director or talking about one of the key players in this field;

– In FASHION EXHIBITION there are my reportages dedicated to museums and archives, as well as exhibitions’ reviews;

BOOKS, given my great passion for art-photography-design-fashion books, this is the space for any kind of essay, monograph or exhibition catalog I own, so I can share with you my “treasure”;

#FASHIONLOOP is a sort of exercise for my visual memory; through these posts I show how the latest trends from the catwalks are actually the result of the eternal cycle of fashion; when people see similar clothes on different catwalks they simply call them copies, I prefer to think that fashion is living a short circuit and ran on a loop, a fashion-loop;

– Finally #MOODBOARD , a new section where I assemble images, memories, photos, editorials, design objects and artworks creating moodboard simply following my stream of consciousness.

Savage Beauty London - room 6 - setting - credits VeA press office
Savage Beauty – Alexander McQueen exhibition at Victoria & Albert Museum

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