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Savage Beauty

“High Alert” to all those wishing to be astonished, amazed, astounded, and in general, blown away by the immense talent of our time’s greatest innovator!
There are just thirty days left to “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty”, the retrospective exhibition now on at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London; August 2nd this show will close, and the opportunity to travel a path through ten rooms of fashion creation will end.
It is simply Something Not to Miss!

Savage Beauty London

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The Gucci-Frida affaire: We all loved each other so much, or maybe not.

After repeated denials Patrizio Di Marco and Frida Giannini leave Gucci, but the fashion world doesn’t seem so surprised by the Kering’s notice.

There are many reasons for the fall from Paradise, but the latest financial data with the sales decrease of -3.5% and the lower performances recorded since the third quarter of 2009, gave to François-Henri Pinault the opportunity to get rid of one of the most cumbersome couples of his rich portfolio of luxury brands.

Leaving aside the financial technicalities regarding the re-positioning policy of Gucci with the rise of prices (+40% in 4-5 years), I want to focus this article on the women’s fashion choices made by Frida Giannini in about 10 years of creative direction of the Florentine brand. For a long time she tried to eclipse her predecessor Tom Ford and even if she got great sales success (especially at the beginning), her lack of innovation and creativity in the latest collections (perhaps due to the security of her both professional and sentimental position, as partner of the Gucci CEO Patrizio Di Marco) had a bad influence on the desirability of the brand.

Frida Giannini

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