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Forget Kim Kardashian, Matthäus Schwarz is the first selfie addicted

Move over dear fashion influencers and aspiring Kardashians! The first and only true fashionista in history is a German man with a serious job that allows him to earn a lot of money, an impeccable sense of style in imagining his outfits to get noticed and at 29 he wasn’t ashamed to pose naked showing (indeed, highlighting) all his imperfections. The name? Matthäus Schwarz.

Matthäus Schwarz - Aged 29 1:3, 8 days - On 1st July 1526 that-was-my-real-figure-from-behind-because-I-had-become-fat-and-large - Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris copiaKim Kardashian by Goude

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