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New Talents – Caterina Zangrando

Alessandro: – I really like the dress of that woman over there, it reminds me of a Balla’s painting and the jewelry she is wearing are the pure essence of what I personally consider “design jewelry”. Who is she? Can you recognize her?
Alessia: – I don’t know, I don’t remember, but the dress seems to be a Fendi!
With this fleeting comment between colleagues (note: me and Electromode), I came in touch for the first time with the creations of Caterina Zangrando, one of the 4 accessory designers selected by Vogue Italia for the Who Is On Next?2014 contest, whose award ceremony took place in Rome during AltaRoma.

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(Alta)Roma is unique!

“Why are you going to AltaRoma?! Rome is dead!”
This is what I was told each time I announced my arrival in Rome for the couture week (alta moda).
I confess that at first I had some doubts in doing so. The cost of trains, taxi and accommodation were such a deterrent to me because I can’t boast the title of “specialist correspondent” for a famous magazine (with expensive benefits and refunds), but the passion for what I think will be my future work field, the curiosity for the celebrations of the 10th anniversary of Who is On Next? contest and the joyful opportunity to see the fashion shows of the fashion designers I have supported over the years until they become established brands, fortunately prevailed, and I’ve never been so happy (and satisfied) to attend a fashion week.

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