Seduced by red

You appeared at the door
in a red dress
to tell me you are fire
that consumes and relights

12 settembre 1966
Giuseppe Ungaretti

Fendi red - FW 2017

Red, the color of feelings, lit up Milan Fashion Week FW2017 runways and redefined the silhouettes of winter seduction.

It can be:
a delicate and sophisticated pair of gloves or stiletto boots, which as Cupid’s arrows pierce the heart of the beloved (Leitmotiv FW 2017);
a pair of sexy “cuissardes” that leaves everything to the imagination (Fendi FW 2017);
a wrapping over sized coat, iconic as only the great classics do (Max Mara FW 2017);
a chaos of ugly overlays that only Her Lady knows how to make into poetry (Prada FW 2017);
a striped dress that embodies the joyful feelings of a child in front of a marry-go-round and a circus tent (Vivetta FW 2017);
an elegant memory of a China trip (Giorgio Armani FW 2017);
an element that illuminates the outfit, no matter its style reference: street, urban or effort-less chic (Agnona FW 2017);
an impalpable lace dress under a warrior coat (Ermanno Scervino FW 2017);
a virginal transparency (N°21 FW 2017).

Alessandro Masetti – The Fashion Commentator

  • Agnona FW2017Agnona FW2017
  • Ermanno Scervino FW2017Ermanno Scervino FW2017
  • Fendi FW2017Fendi FW2017
  • Giorgio Armani FW2017Giorgio Armani FW2017
  • Leitmotiv FW2017Leitmotiv FW2017
  • Max Mara FW2017Max Mara FW2017
  • N°21 FW2017N°21 FW2017
  • Prada FW2017Prada FW2017
  • Vivetta FW2017Vivetta FW2017

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