The “September” of The Fashion Commentator

September is like the new year’s eve of Fashion. As usual everything re-starts: the cycle of the fashion weeks and the rumors about the challenges for the newly elected creative directors who must show to the world (and to themselves) to be still “useful” for the company who hired them.


Between daily routines and new personal goals, September is the month for getting back in the games soon after a cathartic process; therefore, having reworked new ideas and insights, I came to the conclusion that The Fashion Commentator must evolve.
It should become helpful not only to those who want to explore the issues related to the culture of contemporary fashion, but also to those who want precise answers on trends, on wardrobe pieces to “invest” on, and on how to be unique facing an increasingly mass market.


Since I started a job in the “normal world” (meaning “outside of the fashion cycles”), among the frequently asked questions to me there are:
– Where did you buy it? – Who is the designer?
Realizing that people ask me details about an old “wardrobe residue”, or about a prototype of an emerging designer, or about a cheap Zara item carefully selected during the last day of sales, makes me think that I should share more shopping tricks with my readers.

To sponsor or not to sponsor?

Lately, with much uncertainty, I have introduced on The Fashion Commentator a few sponsored posts to test your reactions. Surprisingly (to me) they have generated positive results in terms of interactions, especially with direct messages concerning technical details and issue. This made me think that sponsored posts, if useful, if in line with the blog, but especially if proposed in the right way, could actually become an integral part of the blog. Let’s see!

Travel? No. Fashion pilgrimage!

No, I’m not going to become a travel blogger who scrounges for free travels with fake followers on social networks. Actually, I’d like to propose fashion history themed tours, not only by special features on blog posts, but also with mini e-books that I would like to write and sell on the blog.
How about join me in these fashion pilgrimages?

Obviously these are just some of the ideas that spring to my mind since a long time, so I decided to take action and begin a new course for the blog.
In fact, this month The Fashion Commentator will experience a period of “structural makeover” with tests, new settings, new pages, but without disrupting the blogging activity, because I believe that changes must be visible and perceptible by readers, so that I can receive continuous feedback from outside eyes.
Let’s start the “September” of The Fashion Commentator!

Alessandro Masetti – The Fashion Commentator

Italian architect into fashion. Art curator in love with books, flea markets and interior design.

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