Not Celebrating Birthday Wishlist #6: Time

Today the journey through my Not Celebrating Birthday Wishlist continues with a high luxury item that money can’t buy: time.


Time to…

dedicate to myself.

dedicate to my health.

dedicate to the diet.

dedicate to my house (although I think houses are in an ever-changing status).

dedicate to the improvement of my English.

dedicate to short trips, for discovering hidden wonders just around the corner.

dedicate to my passions.

dedicate to painting.

dedicate to sculpture.

dedicate to ceramics.

dedicate to photography.

dedicate to the blog.

dedicate to future projects I look forward to come out before they get too old.

dedicate to research precious items in vintage markets.

dedicate to reading all the books of my library.

Time to rest.



Sounds Selfish?

I know, all things are focused on me and my needs.
Too selfish approach? Maybe, but I believe that any wishlist should include peace of mind; and you can achieve that only when all senses (or at least what counts for us) are satisfied.

How to satisfy the senses?

Realizing the things that make us satisfied giving them the necessary TIME.
That’s why it is my sixth wish.
Time is synonymous with peace of mind, or at least, a means to accomplish it.

Alessandro Masetti – The Fashion Commentator


Italian architect into fashion. Art curator in love with books, flea markets and interior design.

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