Not Celebrating Birthday Wishlist #4: Pilgrimage

August, the fateful day when a “plus one” will be added to my age is approaching more and more. So, I’m continuing to draw my wishlist looking for one (or more) reason to not feel depression for celebrating 29 years.
What do I really would like to include in my Not Celebrating Birthday Wishlist?
A pilgrimage.
In my Professional Fashion Writing class at the International Studies Institute of Florence I always ask students to look around. Everything they see on the streets of Florence can be a source of inspiration for an article, just as it was for many designers already in the 1950s. Between visits to fashion archives and costume museums it was not so difficult understanding why Italian fashion was born in Florence. Students have figured out how Pucci was inspired by the most common places of city, enhancing their beauty through ironic prints and advertising campaigns shot on the roofs of the family palace.


What about my pilgrimage?

Any faith or religion has its own icons, references, and historical places where it all started. In Florence there’s is the famous Sala Bianca at Palazzo Pitti, the white ball room in which Italian fashion began; but there are also Palazzo Pucci, headquarters and archive of Emilio Pucci; Palazzo Spini-Feroni, venue of Salvatore Ferragamo Museum; Palazzo della Mercatanzia, home of the Gucci Museum; Villa Bardini, home of Roberto Capucci Museum. All of them are iconic locations where fashion has come to life and continues to be influenced by this aura of the past that has to be reinterpreted with totally new different visions and objectives.

My wish?

To Visit all the scenes of the history of fashion around the world, like in a real pilgrimage, discovering the “true” side of fashion and its traces.
First stop: Deauville, the French paradise of Chanel and Paul Poiret.

Alessandro Masetti – The Fashion Commentator

Italian architect into fashion. Art curator in love with books, flea markets and interior design.

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