Not Celebrating Birthday Wishlist #5: a dinner and a hug

In these days we had such fun reading and imagining the consequences of the long list of dreams for my Not Celebrating Birthday Wishlist.
Houses (better say mansions), clothes (whole wardrobes please!), hi-tech objects (super objects), but actually today only two very simple things would be enough for me. But unfortunately I already know that it’s impossible to have them:
a dinner and a hug.

Three years ago, on this day my father died.
This fact is still a nerve that each time, when touched, causes an hardly to suffocate tear.

We had a peculiar relationship. We were living in the same city, but we were used to meet just twice a month for dining together with my brother.
While he was cooking we often talked about politics, university, my blog and my plans for the future.

Recently I discovered that when he spoke about me to his colleagues or friends, he always said that whatever I would have done in my life, I would have survived due to my “sufficient ruthlessness” to react to this society.

Actually, I would like to tell him that I have learned the real ruthlessness, the one that makes you cut all the unnecessary things (and people) from your road, just after he has gone.
In fact, his sudden and unexpected death, generated in me a sort of initiative that has brought me to achieve many of my professional dreams.

In these three years, each time I have reached one of my goals, I have always instinctively grabbed the phone to call my dad, waiting for his happy and proud incitements. But unfortunately he wasn’t there anymore, and I think that If only I could, I would willingly exchange these three years with a long lasting dinner to talk about everything that happened since he left. Then I would greet him with a big hug.

Yes, I would say that this is the best wish for me today.
But this time, I will cook!


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