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Spring has come and finally we can get rid of dark coats and heavy sweaters, showing our most colorful shirts under lightweight cardigans or unlined jackets, but as every year we have a “seasonal problem” (especially the men who love prints and patterns, like me): in the shops there are always the same things with already seen patterns and fantasies!

So, here it is some practical shopping advice to improve our summer wardrobe thanks to Esprit.

ESPRIT SS2015 - Patterns for Summer, Stripes vs floral

Unfortunately, we have to admit that the only summer prints of the male wardrobe are just flower or stripes!

We all know that and it would be useless if I wrote any kind of explanation for it, especially considering that a lot of people already had.

Marinière, Paisley, tapestry micro pattern and cascades of flowers are real classics in the men’s wardrobe and every year during summer they invade the casual garments of a lot of men. But what may seem like a punishment, actually hides a good thing, because with these few alternatives even the most inexperienced man will be able to make the right combinations.

Floral Patterns SS2015

Esprit: blue flowers all over

We have seen too many things on the catwalks, but we are sure that brands like Valentino and Givenchy have become the undisputed kings of floral prints for the Spring Summer 2015 due to their total looks. For those who are unwilling to wear that kind of outfit or do not like the (bad) copies sold by low cost shops, Esprit proposed an interesting alternative with many different floral patterns declined in all the shades of blue.

Esprit SS2015 – Shirts with tropical flowers, tapestry micro patterns, wildflowers or even lucky shamrocks

Stripes, but not marinière

Stripes are definitely another sore point for the menswear wardrobe during summer. The striped pattern is one of the most common motifs in the history of fashion and almost every fashion designer has surely made a typical summer outfit with navy blue lines on a white background in his career. Once again, as for the floral ones, it is hard to find original or unusual striped patterns, but browsing in the Esprit online store, I was surprised by the fashion research of some details such as the refinement of the knitwear clothes and the optical effects on shirts which slim down the silhouette in some strategic points.

Esprit SS2015 – Stripes featured by different optical effects

The rules of fashion are endless, but there is only one that always counts, even for the most experienced fashion people: When shopping you should not only select the clothes, you must also know the right place to do so… and the Esprit online store is my suggestion for today.
Alessandro Masetti – The Fashion Commentator

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