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While waiting for the next post about one of the most interesting fashion designers of the Milan Fashion Week, I want to share with you a pleasant interview with me and the guys of UPLOADYOURTALENT.COM.

I “virtually” know the entire team and I’m amazed if I think that we “met” for the first time, about four years ago, on the blog of Franca Sozzani (editor in chief of Vogue Italia), when we dreamed of an internship at Vogue Italia and we used to give ideas and suggestions by answering her questions.

At first there were just comments, then came the friend requests on social networks, the tweets, the likes and day after day we shared our passions and doubts for our future, until the most enterprising members of the group built up a platform for fashion talented people. is a type of database that brings together the activities of all the young people who work in the fashion field and who want to present their talent through the web.
Bloggers, fashion designers, stylists, make-up artists, photographers, graphic designers and even internationally renowned journalists (including the iconic Diane Pernet) shared their talent, experience and future projects on the website, making up a growing network of creative professionals.
From today I have a special place in this network too, thanks to the team, especially Salvatore, Teresa, Laura and Beatrice.

Read the full interview with me on UPLOADYOURTALENT.COM


Italian architect into fashion. Art curator in love with books, flea markets and interior design.

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