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From May 22nd John Galliano will be the art director of the Russian cosmetics retailer L’Etoile, founded in 1997 with over 750 stores and a distribution of more than 150 brands, including, ironically, Christian Dior.

John Galliano is back for L'Etoile
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The news launched by the Kommersant announces the arrival in Russia of the former art director of Christian Dior fired in 2011 due to his arrest for anti-Semitic insults while he was drunk in a bar in Paris. After attempting a sort of mediatic-rehab working as a stylist for Oscar de la Renta just a few seasons ago, he disappeared again as a victim of a damnatio memoriae that in the fashion world is hard to die. No matter how talented you are, nor if you have been able to increase the sales volume of a brand for 15 years, if the fashion world excludes you (especially for ethical reasons), you’re out forever. Apparently Russia doesn’t live the moral and ethical issues related to racism in the same way of the Western world and (like it or not) it seems one of the main reason why John Galliano can come back on the fashion scene. Certainly, at the moment, he won’t deal with the clothes, but we must remember that the creativity of a genius has no limits and when you are in a country where the formula for success contains the words luxury, opulence and magnificence, maybe won’t be so difficult.


Note: As already written in the past, once again I repeat that as far as reprehensible have been the Galliano’s anti-Semitic insults, I believe that part of the responsibility for the whole affaire can be attributed to the Dior fashion house itself, that has left alone its creative director twice: leaving him drunk as an homeless in Paris and firing him immediately. If you care about your image, as a company, you must take care of your team preventing regrettable situations, especially if your team increases your sales volume with mind-boggling incomes.

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2 Comments on “Flash news – JOHN (GALLIANO) IS BACK!

  1. Io ho sempre ammirato molto il lavoro di John Galliano. E’ bravo come pochi ed ha fatto bene anche da De la Renta. Credo che il mondo della moda sia estremamente stressante e competitivo e che non sia facile per nessuno rimanere sulla cresta dell’onda (forse nemmeno per i portaborse). E’ stato messo fuori uno dei migliori (so immaginarne pochi davvero al suo livello e non mi dite Alexander Wang) senza tentare nemmeno per un istante di riabilitarlo.

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