Dear readers,
It ‘s time to vote again for the fashion bloggers contest organized by
Last week I’ve posted my styling challenge inspired to Miroslava Duma’s style, you have all liked it and I was delighted by your approval.
It was the first time I made an outfit composition. It has been a real challenge that kept me glued the whole night in front of the computer, trying to make a worthy outfit for the contest, both for contents and graphics!
The editors have chosen my outfit along with 11 other bloggers (including my friends and virtual misadventures fellows of Electromode blog).
What I ask is to vote for me putting ONE LIKE on  THIS LINK .
The link will open the picture of my outfit inspired to Miroslava Duma, put just ONE LIKE and it’s all over! No more stress! 😉
The only winner of the contest will be part of the bloggers family of I know it may seems silly to most of you, but winning the contest would be a sort of reward for the nights spent on books, encyclopedias and images for creating good contents for my blog and then for all of you who read me!
Thank you very much for your great support!
 CLICK HERE  and then “LIKE IT”!
Alessandro Masetti – The Fashion Commentator

Italian architect into fashion. Art curator in love with books, flea markets and interior design.


  1. Grande Ale!!!
    E grazie mille per la citazione. Siamo proprio compagni di avventure e sventure anche se virtuali.
    A differenza mia, hai fatto bene a ricordare quanto lavoro e quanta ricerca ci sia dietro alcuni blog; spesso non ci si rende conto.
    Incrociamo le dita tutti e davvero in bocca al lupo 😉
    Un bacio

    Alessia – Il contest di Grazia è alla fine, se ti va vota il mio look cliccando LIKE a QUESTO LINK Grazie!

  2. Ti voto mooolto volentieri, sia perchè sono contenta che finalmente questo contest sta finendo (non ce la potevo più fare a leggere Grazia ovunque!) sia perchè credo davvero che tutti i tuoi post abbiano molto valore! Bravissimo : )

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