Interview – Bruno Parise, il cultore dell’intrecciato veneto

Veneto is one of the Italian regions boasting antique craftsmanship traditions universally recognized for their uniqueness and Bruno Parise, visionary entrepreneur with a long career in the knitwear field, wanted to enhance these resources by launching Bruno Parise Italia bags line destined to conquer the international markets.
Bruno Parise
Tradition, craftsmanship and innovation are the few, but essential keywords for the success of Bruno Parise Italia. The main feature of his bags is the recover of the antique Venetian weaving tradition (intreccio), by salvaging a treadle loom of the eighteenth century for weaving tapestries. Thin strips of leather are woven with a cotton thread canvas of the same color, creating a sort of soft fabric which Bruno Parise models and declines in timeless shapes to meet the needs of all women.
Bruno Parise Italia is a conscious choice of style, a brand which avoids logos and trusts in the rare traditional craftsmanship, making each bag unique.
Following the presentation of the collection and thanks to Alessandra Parise (who cures the communication of the brand), I had the honor to interview Bruno Parise investigating his relationship with the territory, his type of customers and the love for Venetian craftsmanship. 
Borsa Alessandra (dettaglio intreccio) - Bruno Parise Italia
Enjoy the interview.
Buona lettura.

Why did you turn to the world of accessory after your previous successful entrepreneurial activity in knitwear?

Once completed my former experience in knitwear (en: Bruno Parise opened fifty flagship stores in the Triveneto, Lombardy and Emilia Romagna in the 80s). I felt I needed to get back into the game. I immediately understood the great chances to export the products and know-how we have in Italy, never exploited before. What we do had never been taken into account because the main focus was on novelties and not on the craftsmanship that enabled Venetian “artists” to get to such great achievements over the centuries. With my visionary view of business, I thought, therefore, to promote Venetian craftsmanship readapting it to the contemporary audience. Thus, modifying tapestry weaving frames, we have achieved highly qualified and innovative products.
Borsa Brad - Bruno Parise Italia
Borsa Brad – Bruno Parise Italia
Weaving is part of the Venetian tradition and leather goods well-known brands have patented their own models and techniques. What makes Bruno Parise Italia’s interweaving unique? Does it have a particular name? Which are its main features?
It is a hand-loom with nowadays technological innovations that have made it much faster. It can build up a web of leather narrow strips with endless combinations enabling you to realize ideas that could once only be imagined. With this basis it is possible to put into practice ideas that could only be imagined. We can also boast another particular type of weaving, entirely handmade. It derives from the ancient technique using “festugo”( cob leaves) in hat making. Thanks to leather, our craftsmen have turned into luxury a poor process.
Borsa Marisa - Bruno Parise Italia
Borsa Marisa – Bruno Parise Italia
How did you come to think abut using an eighteenth century treadle loom and how did you get hold of it?
A few years ago I met a Venitian artist who was making carpets for the most beautiful shop in Piazza San Marco. I asked her if was possible to adapt such technique to bag making, a market I was approaching at the time.
For months we explored the possible techniques to create products that would be suitable for up-to-date and inimitable products.
She had already exhibited at the MOMA in New York and at the time she was looking for new ideas. Joining of our efforts we gave bith to the product we have been presenting since then.
Borsa Marlon - Bruno Parise Italia
Borsa Marlon – Bruno Parise Italia
Made in Italy: quality and high craftsmanship. How many working hours does the making of a Bruno Parise Italia bag take, and how many artisans?
The process is quite time consuming and craft, art, technique, but especially dedication are required. It takes two days just to hang the frame with the warp, and then comes the composition of the bag , which takes a full day as it is entirely handmade. Naturally, as it always happens with leather, molds are carried out at an earlier stage as well as the setting of the bag itself. As for metallic part, a prototype built by a blacksmith craftsman is developed in different units by specialized laboratories.
Borsa Monica - Bruno Parise Italia
Borsa Monica – Bruno Parise Italia
How important is the relationship with the Venetian area, its resources, its companies, its people?
Thank you for the question, because it allows me to talk about the potential and craftsmanship of Veneto. I could have never got close to the bags market and create my own unique solutions without coming in contact with the skilled craftsmen of the area. Veneto can boast excellence in gold, leather and tiles, and to us these are all ideas to create new models, as well as endless possibilities of collaboration.
Borsa Virna - Bruno Parise Italia
Borsa Virna – Bruno Parise Italia
Going through the names Bruno Parise gives his bags, what strikes your eye is a great passion for the Italian and international cinema. Who or what inspires you when designing your creations, but above all which customer are they thought for?
I’m glad you noticed that. The cinema of the past is our reference for its elegance which goes beyond time and space, that we have constantly in mind in designing in our different lines.
The woman I turn to wants to stand out focusing on the quality and design of the product she wears, without following passively fashion, indeed often anticipating the trends of the coming season. We like to think she avoids the slight banality of the brand when it is expressed in mass-produced and not niche items.
Borsa Alain - Bruno Parise Italia
Borsa Alain – Bruno Parise Italia
The focus on Asian market has made you create unisex bags and lately this accessory has also been common in menswear since we need to take lightweight tablet or computers anywhere. Do you think you will develop a line exclusively for men?
I admit that I will always be tied to the woman and her sensibility and elegance. However, it would be foolish not to realize the potentialities of a male-dominated market, which can go from shoulder bags to tablet folders. We are thinking about it, as we are thinking of expanding our products beyond accessories.
Borsa Alessandra - Bruno Parise Italia
Borsa Alessandra – Bruno Parise Italia
The values which reflects Bruno Parise Italia brand.
I think you can summarize them in four words: craftsmanship, originality, quality, timeless.
Borsa Gloria - Bruno Parise Italia
Borsa Gloria – Bruno Parise Italia
The greatest satisfaction since the launch of your brand to nowadays.
Fortunately, we have had many in a short time, which is not easy in this particular period. I think first seeing my items in the Italian, but also Russian and Japanese most prestigious boutiques. Soon after, however, the call from Elle Italy asking to write about us!
Borsa Alida - Bruno Parise Italia
Borsa Alida – Bruno Parise Italia
What do you hope for the future of Bruno Parise Italia brand?
I hope that the future continues on this path to grant us that international aknowledgement we are achieving in countries such as Japan, Russia, Switzerland, United Kingdom. And we surely hope to break into the U.S. market where we are not present yet.
Borsa  Tyna - Bruno Parise ItaliaBorsa Caroline - Bruno Parise Italia
Borsa Anna - Bruno Parise ItaliaBorsa Zena - Bruno Parise ItaliaBorsa Terry - Bruno Parise ItaliaBorsa Mamie - Bruno Parise Italia
Borsa Holly - Bruno Parise Italia

Special thanks to Bruno Parise and Alessandra Parise

Alessandro Masetti – The Fashion Commentator

Italian architect into fashion. Art curator in love with books, flea markets and interior design.

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  1. Ciao Alessandro,

    questa selezione di belle borse e l’intervista , hanno confermato dei pensieri che da qualche tempo mi accompagnano: il ritorno .Il ritorno al bello , alle nostre tradizioni , alla nostra cultura , alla nostra artigianalità e buon gusto che nel tempo ci hanno contraddistinto…insomma al Made in Italy.
    Mi sembra che ci sia qualche segnale di abbandono e rifiuto : questo ciarpame di massa che ci ha inondati e ci è piaciuto , forse ci ha stufato. Che si ritorni finalmente a “fare le italiane?”

    Buona giornata


    1. E secondo me era proprio l’ora che vi fosse questa inversione di tendenza, non se ne può più di stracci e copie. I consumatori hanno finalmente capito che quel tipo di merce resiste fino a tre lavaggi, perciò meglio tornare alla qualità vera e non quella spacciata per tale!
      Ben venga se poi questa qualità è accompagnata da idee che recuperano tradizioni nel nome dell’innovazione!

  2. Davvero interessante quest’intervista a Bruno Parise; ammetto che non lo conoscevo affatto.
    L’idea di adoperare un antico telaio per arazzi è molto affascinante; comunque, in Veneto forse ancor di più, ma in Italia in generale ci sono delle eccellenze artigianali incredibili. Bisognerebbe incentivarle per evitare il pressapochismo che purtroppo si fa strada ovunque.
    Virna e Alain sono bellissime.

  3. Mi sono letta e gustata tutta l’intervista. Ammetto la mia ignoranza nei confronti del signor Parise e della sua straordinaria azienda.
    Di ciò che ho letto, mi hanno colpito alcuni aspetti: a) che pur avendo alle spalle un’azienda solida, quest’uomo abbia deciso di rimettersi in gioco e rischiare, lanciandosi nella realizzazione degli accessori, in particolare borse, che hanno un altro tipo di mercato e target e, quindi, lasciavano il dubbio sul successo o meno del progetto. In Italia l’affiliazione e la fedeltà ad un prodotto possono avere vantaggi, ma anche svantaggi.
    B) mi piace che sia una persona versatile, che abbia chiesto l’aiuto di un artista per realizzare un prodotto di qualità, ma che strizzasse comunque l’occhio ai nuovi tempi; C) mi piace che sia così radicato alla sua terra e alle tradizioni di questa. In ultimo è stato bello leggere quanto tempo e cura serva per realizzare un’unica borsa. Siamo abituati ad un sistema che viaggia alla velocità della luce, dove le rifiniture sono un po’ dimenticate in virtù di una logica di produzione che deve mettere la quantità avanti alla qualità. Un’inversione che mi è piaciuta!
    Buon weekend caro 😉

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