Furla FW 2011: retrò inspiration with a contemporary twist

The protagonist of the new Furla adv campaign is Deborah Ligorio. She is an Italian contemporary artist and was one of the finalists of Premio Furla in 2005. By the last four seasons, the FURLA adv campaigns have focused on the young artists who took part in the annual Furla Prize, and it’s an occasion to show the strong connection between Furla and Italian contemporary art. In fact, the Furla for Art project stems from the desire to document and support emerging artists by providing a comprehensive overview of contemporary Italian assets in the multiplicity of languages of video, photography, painting, installations, performances, and sculpture.
For this campaign, Deborah Ligorio is in a metropolitan park and she’s like a XIX-century landscape painter looking for inspiration. She’s interested in landscapes and especially their influences on human beings’ behaviours. The pictures of Debora in the park symbolize the new Furla concept: the woman is at the centre of her own world, she is free from the trends, and she is alone with her own personal style.


For the FW 11/12 Furla has chosen a retrò style, inspired to the 50’s but mixed with a contemporary twist. The capital items are the handbags with the little double handles in different fine materials, from printed calf leather to Nappa leather, sheepskin and Mongolian fur. The shapes are pure and often embellished with pony fur, golden zips and studs.
Even for the man collection, there’s a tangible retrò inspiration to the 50’s, particularly close to the Tom Ford sensibility for his film “A Single Man”. The attention to detail, the minimalist elegance and the high-quality materials are the main characteristics of the collection. The shapes are mainly squared quite edgy to the eyes, but so soft to the touch. The “palette” is dedicated to warm colours like brown and red, but also a particular shaded army green on a crocodile printed calf leather. For the business line, there are bags and small leather goods with special saffiano printed calf leather in army green or onyx black.

Italian architect into fashion. Art curator in love with books, flea markets and interior design.

8 Comments on “Furla FW 2011: retrò inspiration with a contemporary twist

  1. ciao Alessandro,

    leggo sempre con attenzione i tuoi commenti.
    Premesso che di arredamento (e non solo) capisco poco, ma sono rimasta stupita dai giudizi così severi sull’arredamento….. io lo trovavo solo banale…..
    Le foto appartengono alle 3 residenze alle Bahamas che vengono affittate ,(se ti interessa fare una vacanza da quelle parti c’è il link) forse pensando al contesto si può assolvere.
    Decisamente lei è una donna molto attiva e interessante e i prodotti sono davvero validi , li ho acquistati in Svizzera e sono soddisfatta .


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