La corona di Cristo, Lady-Maddalena-Gaga e la collana di San Gennaro


 In the last video of Lady Gaga, “Judas”, the golden crown worn by Jesus/Rick Gonzalez reminds me the Givenchy FW 10/11 man’s fashion show. The fashion designer Riccardo Tisci took inspiration from the iconography of Jesus Christ, so he reinterpreted non only the ancient clothes, but also the symbols of the Christian passion. A golden thorned collar to be worn on a white shirt, was the perfect necklace for the modern Jusus-Christ-like models. Since when I saw it on the catwalk, I was fascinated by this jewel and I was surprised to see something similar even in “Judas” video.

The jewels of the first scene are made by the jewel designer Marianna Harutunian, who decided to produce several copies and sell them on her site. The golden thorned crown studded with Swarovky crystals is obviously a sort of precious reinterpretation of the Christian passion, but the opulent jewels worn by Lady Gaga reminded me of something different. They seems to be a tribute to the collar of Saint Gennaro, that is shown in a magnificent exhibition till the 12 June in Naples (Italy).


The Treasure of San Gennaro is the most important jewelry collection of the world, and its value is higher than the UK Crown Jewels and the Russian Tsar collection. It is famous for its “Ten Wonders” whose masterpiece is the collar of San Gennaro. The collar was commissioned by the “Deputation of the Chapel of San Gennaro” for the silver statue of the Saint in 1679. The collar is composed of 13 massive gold meshes, 700 diamonds, 276 rubys, 92 emeralds and several pendants given by kings from  different ages: a cross from Carlo di Borbone in 1734, a cross from Maria Amalia of Saxony, a diamonds and sapphires cross from Maria Carolina d’Austria in 1775, a thorn from Duchessa di Casacalenda in 1799, a diamonds and emeralds cross from Giuseppe Bonaparte and a chrysolite cross from Vittorio Emanuele II di Savoia.

The Episcopal cross is another important jewel of the collection made of gold, emeralds and diamonds. Margherita and Umberto I di Savoia were crowned as King and Queen of Italy in 17 November 1878. After the ceremony they took a carriage to greet all the Neapolitans in the streets, but just outside the city, they were attacked by a republican rebel who tried to kill the king. They survived and the queen decided to go back Naples and give the Episcopal Cross to San Gennaro for his grace.

The Treasure of San Gennaro is composed of masterpieces of jewelry, works of art and furnishings collected in seven centuries of donations from popes, kings, emperors, famous people and ordinary people and it has remained intact thanks to the control of the Deputation of the Chapel of San Gennaro , founded in 1527. San Gennaro is the patron saint of Naples and people are particularly devoted, so that no Neapolitan has never tried to steal the treasure: San Gennaro is untouchable. Even Napoleon, prone to looting of works of art, did not dare to desecrate the Treasury, in fact, in 1808, suggested his brother-in-law Gioacchino Murat, King of Naples, to give the Saint a precious monstrance, which today is part of the collection.


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12 Comments on “La corona di Cristo, Lady-Maddalena-Gaga e la collana di San Gennaro

  1. Ciao Alessandro!ma lo sai che mi hai dato proprio un’idea favolosa!? la faccio immediatamente!naturalmente io dovrò ripiegare sulla stoffa ma fa niente! mi piace proprio come idea! ti ringrazio moltissimo!
    ps: adoro questo video di Lady Gaga !

  2. Ciao 🙂 !!Grazie per il tuo commento. caspita quanto sei informato. Mi è piaciuta un sacco la sfilata di Givenchy!! A che belli i gioielli, pure Napoleone non ha osato rubarli !!!eheh 🙂

    Lady Gaga, mitica!
    E tu,pure! ottimo articolo! 🙂

  3. grazie mille ale delle info…pensa te che l’altra settimana dovevo fare un mood con questa tipologia di gioielli ma non riuscivo a trovare quelli della gaga… meno male che ci sei tu….va be…ormai l’esame l’ho dato, ma per la prossima volta sarò pronot…
    Bye LB

  4. aaaaah stupendo ma certo che ci vedremo allora!!! 😀
    si l’outfit è pronto anche se è stato davvero un po difficile! capisce bene che per noi ragazzi è davvero duro l’animalier!!!
    tu invece? tutto pronto?

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